Project Vibrancy Meals + Live Q&A/Project Vibrancy Macro Reset

Project Vibrancy Meals + Live Q&A/Project Vibrancy Macro Reset

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Are you tired of being hungry all the time?

It personally drives me crazy to battle my appetite.

I have better things to do with my willpower and energy - like do good work, read books, spend time with loved ones, go for hikes/walks, and cook healthy food that I know will make me feel amazing.

Being appropriately hungry is natural and of course serves the vitally important role of making sure we stay alive! 

But being truly hungry after we've taken in enough (or more than enough) calories is a signal that something is amiss.

If you want to learn how to choose and prepare the foods that keep you pleasantly full, well-nourished, and make it easy to naturally lose weight, then let's work together to make it happen for you!

I've designed a new program, called Project Vibrancy Macro Reset, to teach you how to manage your appetite, and to teach you how to fill your fridge with the foods you need to stay on track, as well as how to easily choose foods when you're out and about in restaurants and traveling. 

The Project Vibrancy Macro Reset subscription includes:

  • Weekly lessons and easy (!) assignments, to teach you about tracking macros, finding the right number of calories, metabolism, how to put together fast meals that are filling and lead to weight loss.
  • Two weekly Q&A Zoom calls for answering questions, accountability, encouragement, and continuing to learn more about real-food nutrition.*
  • Free attendance at one Cook Along with Stephanie batch cooking class.
  • Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans, which are delivered to your email inbox weekly. The plans are based on batch cooking proteins, vegetables, condiments, and starches, and are by design Paleo/AIP/Whole30/Gluten-Free. As written, they provide batch cooking recipes for 6 dinners, although I'm in the process of providing a "short cut" process at the end of each plan if you need only 3 days worth of dinners. Each meal plan includes a shopping list, batch recipes, and weeknight recipes. And each plan makes it very easy to follow the macro and calorie guidelines, with VERY delicious food! No boredom.
  • Access to the Project Vibrancy Meals Facebook group, where a whole lot of great batch cooks answer cooking questions and provide additional recipes.
  • Since this is an introductory offer, I'm offering lessons + coaching calls (a $100/month value) + meal plans (a $29/month value) + a cooking class (a $50 value) for $39/month to get our group rolling! This is a steal and I won't offer this price again, so grab it while you can.

I CAN'T WAIT to dive in! I hope to see you in the group and to help you create your healthiest, fittest year ever.

*Coaching calls will take place twice weekly, one during a weekday lunch hour, one on a weeknight. Come when you can and as you need. If you'd rather work one-on-one with me, send me an email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spam filters will occasionally prevent the delivery of our meal plans to your email inbox. As a proactive measure, please be sure to add to your email address book prior to your purchase of a subscription. If you do not see a confirmation email in your inbox within a few hours, please directly email the address noted so that we may check your order status.

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